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When was the last time you reviewed your health insurance?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recommends that you review annually, not only to keep on top of cost but in case your needs have changed.

If you haven't compared your cover this year, it's likely you will be able to get a better deal elsewhere.

Not all brokers have access to every insurer, this means some people are not getting the best of what the market can offer. Insurers give exclusive rates to brokers who provide the best customer experience.

We have partnerships with multiple top-rated and whole of market brokers. We are constantly reviewing their prices, so you can rest assured your quote will be the most competitive on the market.

Compare, switch and save

Match or improve your cover

When Switching Insurers we all want to save money but if it means having to take an unwanted drop in cover what's the point? Our partners will always recommend the same if not better in the first instance unless you tell us that you wish to scale back.

Safeguard existing medical history

When you switch health insurance through one of our partners will endeavour to carry your medical history forward to the new provider with no new exclusions being added. If this isn't possible they will let you know straight away.

Reduce premiums

Due to the volume of business our partners place with the insurers we can take advantage of exclusive deals and incentives which we will pass on to you. Your advisor will be negotiating on your behalf to get you the best deal possible not just this year but every renewal.

Customer satisfaction

We are happy when you are happy. Our partners are looking to forge long-lasting relationships with their customers. This means that even after you have moved provider your advisor will be on hand throughout the life of the policy to assist with any queries/claims should you need them. We are proud of our excellent customer feedback to date.

Leading UK Insurers

General Medical


General and Medical were established in the 1980s initially providing finance, leasing and general insurance services primarily to the medical professions within the UK. Today, the General and Medical Group has evolved to become a significant provider of insured and non-insured…

Freedom Health Insurance


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WPA is a non-profit organisation which means money can be reinvested into the business to create a better customer experience. They have a shared responsibility element of cover which allows the client to make a co-payment for treatment costs, this…

The Exeter


Formerly known as Exeter Family Friendly, The Exeter is a non-profit organisation without shareholders. The benefit to customer sis that this helps them to keep costs down. Their Health + policy is rated 5 stars by Defaqto.

Vitality Health


Rebranded in 2014 they were originally Pru Health, Vitality Health is a leading health insurance provider that offers a unique approach to health and wellbeing. Their innovative insurance products are designed to incentivize and reward individuals for leading a healthy…



Since being established in 1947 BUPA has amassed more than 15 million health insurance customers and is considered as the largest health insurer in the UK. Today BUPA provide market-leading cancer cover and is groundbreaking in its mental cover offering.…

AXA Health


AXA PPP Healthcare have been in the market since 1940 and are one of the leading choices for many customers. Their Personal Health product is rated 5 stars by Defaqto. AXA Health UK is a leading health insurance provider that offers…



Originally Norwich Union, Aviva are regarded as being the largest overall insurer in the UK with over 15 million customers. They have won the “Health Insurance Company of the Year” award on numerous occasions. Their Healthier Solutions product is rated…

What to think about when changing your health insurer

When to switch

Most people look to switch at their renewal but if you pay monthly you are able to move insurers mid term without financial penalties

Pre-existing conditions

Some insurers will continue your current personal exclusions which means any treatment for these conditions will remain excluded from your new cover but they will not add any new ones. It's important to speak to your adviser about what underwriting terms you have been accepted on before switching


Paperwork varies from one company to another. If you are switching from one insurer to another you will need to provide a copy of the policy certificate from your current insurer as proof of your current cover.

Comparing your cover

Even if your medical terms are the same there may be changes in the overall cover and benefits. We recommend that you speak to a health insurance advisor who will speak to you about the key differences between each policy and can answer any questions about how the policy works when it comes to a claim.

Giving full and accurate information

Failure to do so may result in the insurer refusing to pay and may cancel your policy

Speaking to an expert

We recommend that you speak to a health insurance Broker who is authorised by the FCA to give advice. They are experts in the field and work on behalf of you, not the insurer. All health insurance Brokers do not charge a fee.

Underwriting Options

Moratorium (MORI)

You do not need to tell the insurer about your medical history. The insurers will not cover you for any medical condition you have had treatment for, medication, advice or had symptoms of within 5 years of the policy start date. Should any condition fall into that category then it will be excluded for a minimum of 2 years. If after the start date you go 2 years without any further treatment, medication, advice or symptoms then after 2 years the condition will be covered again.

Full Medical Underwriting (FMU)

In depth medical questionnaire whereby you will be asked to give details of medical history. In some instances, with your consent, the insurer may contact your GP requesting more information but often this is this isn't required. The insurer will tell you which medical conditions they will and won't cover you for before you take out the policy. You may have certain medical exclusions written into your policy with this underwriting method.

Continued Underwriting (Switch)

The most popular option when switching insurers. This method of underwriting keeps the same terms in place meaning the same conditions are covered with the new provider and any exclusions will carried forward, therefore putting you in no worse position.

Benefits of using a Health Insurance advisor or broker?

  • Experts In A Tricky Field.
  • They Are On Your Side
  • Direct Point Of Contact
  • No Fee's
  • They Can Handle The Application
  • Regulated By Financial Conduct Authority
  • Provide Ongoing Support

What customers love about our service

  • Best Prices On The Market
  • No Pushy Salespeople
  • Personalised Service With A Dedicated Advisor
  • No Fee's
  • Continued Medical History
  • Reduced Premiums
  • Ongoing Support

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